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Nasseam James

Hi, I am Nasseam!


I am Nasseam James, RCSWI.

I have earned my Master of Social Work from Florida State University and have held executive leadership positions within the Department of Health since 2012.

I am an advocate for social justice and equity in all spaces. I have multidisciplinary experience in several areas, including public health, hospice support and grief, chronic disease management, and child health and welfare. I am exceptionally skilled in designing and supporting programs for mothers and infants, working with LGBTQ+ young people, and providing supportive services for individuals living with HIV and AIDS. We must believe that reducing adverse childhood experiences and trauma in the community will improve the people’s overall physical and mental health within those communities. One must have passion and knowledge about health and wellness and take care of the inner self to live a purposeful life. 

Nasseam James

My holistic approach to individuals encourages clients to meditate to support the clinical healing process. I evaluate individuals within the context of their environment and provide encouragement and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. Support and patience can assist with healing from trauma, building self-worth, improving communication in relationships, and goal attainment. I utilize a multidimensional approach to therapy, exploring each individual’s biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs (support to those seeking counseling based on Christian biblical teachings is available upon request). 

With compassion and understanding, I work with each individual to help build on their strengths and attain authentic growth and recovery. Be sure to contact Enriched Life Counseling today to meet with me!

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Spanish Speaking Clinicians Available

Our mission is to be the most diverse counseling center in Florida. In line with that, we are excited to open our doors to Spanish-speaking clients immediately. We have clinicians on hand, with availability, who can meet with Spanish-speaking clients to offer services. These appointments can be done in person or virtually. Contact us with questions. 

Virtual Appointments Open To All of Florida

While we are located in Clermont, Florida, our goal is to offer services to anyone within Florida. With that said, we are excited to announce we are now offering virtual appointments to anyone in the State of Florida. For questions and details please contact us.